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The Kansas City Annual Bacon Ball Tournament sponsored by the KCFOP since 2003 provides an opportunity for tournament competition among a wide variety of law enforcement softball teams from throughout the United States in the Autumn of each year.

The 2015 National Baconball Championship Tournament will be held on September 12th & 13th beginning at 8:30 AM at the Frank White Softball Complex at Longview Lake in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Check the map on this site for direction to the field.

These two teams and their respective members are proudly sponsored by the KCFOP.
Kansas City Guns
  • Matt Smith
  • Robert Vivona
  • David McKinzie
  • Justin Pinkerton
  • Brad Johnson
  • Adam Bailey
  • Steve Miller
  • Chris Brown
  • Jordan Nelson
  • Ryan Alden
  • Max Buckley
  • David Kellgren
  • Todd Templeton
  • KCFOP Pigsters
  • Jeremy Dumit
  • Kevin Colhour
  • Andrew Uptegrove
  • Jason Quint
  • Aaron McKie
  • Jason Rusley
  • Anthony Castelletto
  • James Cisneros
  • Steven Cisneros
  • Matt Masters
  • GL Springer
  • Trent Finnell
  • Gary Burgess
  • Skip Cox
  • Michael Sartain
    NYPD Blues
    Shamrock Enforcers (NJ)
    Missouri Lawmen (STL)
    Minnesota Lawmen
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